About Us

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Supporting energy transition leaders for over a decade.

About Us

MKB is a North American specialized private investment firm focused on long-term capital appreciation. We invest in growth stage companies that are leading the energy transition. Our investors range from institutions and pension funds to foundations, family offices, and accredited investors.

When we launched our firm over a decade ago, our principal market outlook was that the world was approaching an inflection point in a widespread economic transformation driven by the transition towards decarbonized, digital, and electrified energy and transportation systems. This view was not ubiquitously shared. While compelling tailwinds propelled the early days of the energy transition, many doubted the potential for rapid, impactful change, given the influence of entrenched forces and the scale of the challenge itself.

Today, there is a much broader recognition of the energy transition and the opportunity that it presents. The volume of capital flowing into climate solutions has never been greater because the scale of the opportunity at hand has never been clearer. There is now a sense of inevitability about the transition, even if much of the “how” has not yet been settled.

Our Key Differentiators


Our greatest asset is our people and we pride ourselves in our cohesive, transparent, and entrepreneurial culture


We formulate independent views of the market, regardless of whether these views match the broader consensus


For over a decade, have been helping to build and scale market-leading companies accelerating the transition